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Raven Farm LLC
7535 Clark Rd.
Bath, MI 48808
Ph: 517/641-6189

Email: kelvinpot@yahoo.com

Why waste good wood?

We turn fallen trees that would otherwise go to landfills into valuable lumber to be used in our shop and the shops of other woodworkers nationwide.

We also save homeowners hundreds of dollars in labor by taking away the heaviest part of their fallen tree for free.

We're not trained arborists or loggers, but we work with highly skilled local professionals in tree removal. We can save homeowners money on tree removal by removing logs.

Not all trees are desirable as saw logs; we'll determine their value based on species, condition and accessibility. We have special equipment for quickly removing logs from job sites.

Please call us at 517/641-6189; don't let those trees get cut up into firewood or email kelvinpot@yahoo.com if you have a tree that you want to treecycle.

Examples of lumber taken from urban tree-cycled trees.

Spalted figured maple

Quarter-sawn white oak